Thanks to Mom

In love with beauty since a little girl




My adoration for everything beauty

            My adoration for all things beauty began at an early age, courtesy of my mother.  She thought it was the cutest thing to see her toddler play dress-up, usually in a ruffled dressed adorned with chandelier earrings, my face made up with red hot lipstick, matching nails, eyes painted with deep blue eye shadow and curls streaming alongside my face.  I would march up and down our countryside home in Cuba waving merrily to our neighbors, like a beauty queen, in all her glory.  That moment along with many others, began my obsession with the world of beauty.  I wanted everyone to experience the way I felt… so pretty, so special, so beautiful.  As a young girl, I then began brushing my doll’s hair, placing pretty ribbons inside their braids, which in turn led to my styling of friend’s hair and make-up for dances, pictures and creating run way style videos at our sleepovers, making each one of them feel fabulous.

            Throughout my years as a stylist, I listened to my clients as they sat in my chair, sharing their stories, carving time out of their busy schedules to make themselves feel pretty. Women of all walks, desiring the need to take a little time for themselves, as their personal care takes a back seat to their work, home lives, kid’s activities and demanding schedules.  After I had my son, I realized how little time I had to get things done.  I could put myself in their shoes and appreciate the time they were spending with me.

            Airheads was inspired by these Superwomen. It is a place where you can come in and maximize your time and beauty needs by getting multiple services at the same time.  With many of my clients already asking me if they can get their hair blow dried, while they are getting their manicure done, it got me thinking… what if there was a hair salon that would accommodate you in receiving multiple services at the same time, getting you in an out as quickly as possible.  A Beauty Bar that offers an experience of care and consideration of your time.  A place where women are off the clock, even if just for an hour.


owner of Airheads Beauty Bar



  • To give you the best experience ever

  • Provide a place where you can unwind.

  • Give you professional service

  • Provide multiple services at the same time

  • To educate you on how to maintain & prolong your style